Student and Musician Testimonials

Nick D – Former Bass Student
I remember you making me learn a whole bunch of songs I didn’t like, but ended up making me a much better bassist… In all seriousness, my lessons with you formed the foundation of what has ended up being a very diverse amateur musical career. So thanks!

Jamie G – Former Guitar Student
I do remember you always going out of your way to teach me songs that I brought in to you to learn. I loved that! I also enjoyed that you took the time to chat and then teach. As a high school student, it was nice to have someone besides my parents to talk with. You made me practice. I knew if I didn’t practice I would not get better and I would let you down.

Ed R – Former Guitar and Bass Student and graduate of Berklee College of Music
The lessons were structured so that we would go through some exercises out of a method book to cover notes in the first position and practice sight reading, not to mention taking turns playing the melody and chord accompaniment…. Most of the bass lessons were custom tailored every week to get me used to reading notes in bass clef. In other words, we covered a lot of ground over the first couple of years. Oh, and thank you for not using tablature and having me read standard notation… I used the way you structured the lessons for the way I teach and it has worked for me… Splitting up the lesson between a method book and learning/playing/jamming songs is effective, especially for younger people with short attention spans like I had!

Mike H – Drummer/Percussionist
I’ve worked with Bill in many bands over several years. During that time we performed many genres, ranging from country to R&B and from rock to jazz. Bill has a solid understanding and technique which allows him to play each genre effectively and given the large number of performances I’ve seen him perform in, he is a solid, dependable, professional musician. 

Jerome Unger – Guitarist/Keyboardist/Vocalist
Since 1996 Bill has worked for several of my bands both live and in the studio. He is a proficient bassist with a very strong understanding of developing bass lines over chord changes for a wide variety of song styles. I recall that while he was actively teaching full time at the Cascio Music Store in Mequon, he had a full roster of nearly 80 students and a waiting list, as he was well sought after. He is punctual, professional, and dedicated to providing music education to help people enrich their lives.