‚ÄčBill Lambrecht w/Electric Beatnik Jazz Trio
Live at Traditions Pub - Fillmore, WI  7/26/2018 

Bill Lambrecht - Bass and Guitar Instructor

Bassist and GBL Music founder Bill Lambrecht began studying guitar at the age of 12. By age 14, and heavily influenced by the sounds of bands like Jethro Tull, Cream and Grand Funk Railroad, his interests led him to take up the electric bass.

He continued taking private lessons through high school. In 1992 he graduated from the Milwaukee Area Technical College with his Associates Degree in Occupational Music, having spent three years' studying under great musicians including Milwaukee guitar legend Jack Grassel and bassist Tom McGirr.

While attending MATC he began giving private lessons, during which he developed a deep passion for teaching students, a passion that has not diminished in his 25 years' of giving private lessons.

Early in his teaching career Bill embarked on a journey to develop the ultimate lesson plan and materials to create a truly customized learning experience for the individual student. The cumulative result of that work can be found in his authored "The Bass Guitar Instructor's Manual" and "The Guitar Instructor's Manual" series of works.

Over the years he has taught music at a variety of locations including Metropolitan Music Company, Kemtone Music, Big Music, Cascio Music in Mequon and several home studios. In 2013 he started GBL Music, LLC and teaches students from all over via Skype.

His current bands Electric Beatnik and Soul Survivor can be seen in the Southeastern Wisconsin area.